About Us

Fleetfoot Studios is a digital media production company specialising in film making and photography. We enjoy what we do and go to great lengths to deliver high quality material on time and within budget.


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Ben Holden – Founder and Creative Director

Fleetfoot Studios was founded by Ben Holden, an award winning film maker and photographer based in the fine city of Newcastle upon Tyne. He has a masters degree in digital media and has collaborated with large organisations such as E4 and the BBC, as well as smaller community groups and individual musicians.





Jake Holden - Digital Artist

Jake Holden – Digital Artist

Jake has four years of professional experience as a freelance artist and is trained in both traditional and digital mediums. He has a wide ranging skill set which includes 3D modelling, illustration, graphical art and animation. Jake studied at the University of Teesside and received a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Digital Art. He spends much of his free time studying anatomy, lighting, composition and other core art skills.